Our Story

How it all started...

Our church was birthed out of a supernatural response to a street meeting in Denver in 1979 in an extremely organic manner.  As our gatherings grew it became clear that God was birthing a new church in North Denver. Thus, in September of 1979, New Life Christian Center was born.
Marvin & Charlotte Cronk led this very diverse community for the next 10 years in the inner city of Denver, seeing God move powerfully amongst His people. However, this couple began to travel to South Africa frequently and soon becoming clear they were to make their home in South Africa starting and leading Love One Another Ministries.  
The leadership was then transitioned to Marlin & Charlotte Bender in the late 80’s; they had been serving on the pastoral team and were a part of the team that planted the church.  We then moved to a facility in old Westminster where the church was renamed to His Sanctuary.  The church grew during those years and were privileged to plant out two churches during that season. After many years, it became clear that God was moving us east into Commerce City, where we then purchased land.  We began to meet in the Belle Creek Family Center for the next 7 years with the intention to build on our piece of land in that community. In 2011 we moved venues to a warehouse space on 88th Ave and I-76 and entered a fresh new season, being renamed to Radiance Church. The Lord began to move rapidly, leading us to sell our land, using that to help purchase our current facility; a venue that was originally built as an event center on Rosemary Street in Commerce City.
Marlin & Charlotte Bender were led by the Lord to transition the leadership of the church to Josiah & Crystal Bender, who served as pastors on the team since 2009.  Marlin & Charlotte have continued to serve on the pastoral team but have handed the lead/visionary pastor role over to Josiah & Crystal in February of 2016.  
From the beginning of the church until now, we have been consistently sharing the message of the Gospel in our communities, our cities and the nations of the world.   Josiah continues to believe that our community will have a strong impact into Commerce City, reaching into Denver, and serving and reaching the nations of the world. 

Yes, we have a rich, long history but an even brighter future.  

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together @ 10:10 am.